5 Genious Bathroom Cleaning Hacks You Need To Try!

There are so many amazing tricks out there which will help you! Today, I wanted to tell you about the ones I use when cleaning my bathroom so that you can try them for yourself!

5 Genious Bathroom Cleaning Hacks

– Clean your showerhead with vinegar

I love this hack! All you need to do in order to clean the showerhead is a plastic bag and vinegar. Just fill the bag with vinegar, place the showerhead inside, and leave it there overnight!

In the morning, rinse it well!

– Don’t throw away old toothbrushes

One of my favourite cleaning tools is… toothbrushes. They are small and you can easily scrub hard-to-reach places with them. This is why I never throw away the ones I use. I simply soak them in boiling water so that I can disinfect them then I keep them in my bathroom to scrub fixtures, faucets, vents, etc.

– Polish stainless steel with shaving cream

How do I maintain my fixtures, showerhead, and other stainless steel objects in my bathroom sparkling? With shaving cream! It’s easy and inexpensive.

Simply apply some shaving cream on a cloth and polish any stainless steel surface!

– Clean your bathroom with aspirin

Whenever I’m out of all-purpose cleaner I usually mix two aspirin tablets in water and use that instead! Aspirin contains salicylic acid which is a great cleaning product!

– Keep a towel to dry bathroom fixtures

This hack will change your life, trust me! All you need to do in order to avoid water spots on bathroom fixtures is to wipe them with a towel once you are done showering.

That way, they will always look spotless!

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