How To Clean A Copper Sink?

Copper sinks are pretty rare these days, however, they are stunning. Many people tend to avoid placing a copper sink in their kitchen or bathroom because they think it’s hard to clean and maintain but it’s actually super easy – you just need to know exactly how to do it and you need to understand how copper actually works.

Let’s talk more about copper

If you are considering placing a copper sink in your kitchen then you need to understand that the colour will change over time – it’s normal and it’s the reason why copper is so beautiful. It will slightly change from a lighter tone to a darker one but this shouldn’t alarm you! There is actually a term for these changes in the colour – it’s called patina.

This patina process is basically the copper protecting itself from harsh elements. For example, you will notice a change in the tone in your sink when you expose it to acidic foods like tomatoes, ketchup, lemons, etc. as well as cosmetics – toothpaste, shaving cream, and make-up. Just a quick disclaimer – avoid using bleach or any drain unclogging products because they will seriously damage the copper!

But even if your sink does come in contact with those acidic foods, it will take only a few days for the colour to “restore”.

How To Clean A Copper Sink?

As I said, it’s super easy. Do not use any DIY cleaners or commercial products. The only thing you need is hot water, liquid dish soap, and a sponge. After you are done washing the dishes, add liquid dish soap to your sponge and wipe the entire sink. Then rinse with hot water – and this is enough to maintain your sink clean and free of damage!

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