How to easily clean stove burners?

Stove burners are prone to get dirty extremely fast. Anything you cook there will probably spill which will quickly turn into a stain and build-up because of the high temperature. Doesn’t it seem like a lot of hard work to clean them? Actually, I found a very easy way that you can use that works amazing.

Want to try it out?

Don’t waste your time scrubbing all of that build-up because there is a far easier method. And not only won’t you scrub but all you need are two ingredients – ziplock bags and ammonia.

Here is how the cleaning happens – pour some ammonia in the ziplock bag and put one of the stove parts in there. They are removable which makes them easier to clean. Seal the ziplock and continue doing the same process for every other removable part of your stove.

It’s important to leave them in ammonia overnight so they can really soak.

The next day make sure you take them out of the ziplock and scrub them with a sponge that has soapy water on it.

And just like that you now have clean and spotless stove burners without actually having to do a lot of work and waste time.

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