How To Easily Clean Your Stainless Steel Pans Without Scrubbing?

Let me tell you something about myself – I love cooking. I genuinely enjoy it. I also don’t mind dealing with the mess after – all the dishes, spoons, knives, etc. that need to be cleaned. I throw them in the dishwasher then I simply clean the kitchen.

But one thing I absolutely hate is cleaning my stainless steel pans. As you probably know, you can’t wash stainless steel pans in the dishwasher – you have to do it by hand. And just thinking about all that scrubbing makes me so annoyed.

But since I cook so often I had to find an easier way to clean them. I couldn’t spend so much time almost every day just scrubbing the pans, right? I tried a lot of different methods I found on the internet but none of which I found to be working as effective as described.

But I didn’t give up because it was my mission to find a way to clean my stainless steel pans without scrubbing.

Here Is What I Came Up With!

I came up with a great way to clean stainless steel pans without scrubbing them. It’s easy and not that time-consuming.

Once I remove the food from the pan I place it back on the stove and turn the heat on. I wait a few minutes and then I pour a cup of water.

Then I grab my wooden spoon (you can also use a spatula) and I start scraping the burnt food or/ and sauce. The steam of the water would have already loosened things up so it’s easier to scrape.

Once I scrape almost everything I turn the heat off and let the pan cool down completely. Then I add a few drops of liquid soap and continue to scrape any remaining grease. The soap will loosen the greasy stains.

The next step is to move the pan to the sink and rinse it. Of course, I use soapy hot water and a sponge to wash the pan properly, however, by now all the burnt food and greasy stains will be gone, therefore, the cleaning will be so easy.

If Any Stains Remain?

Sometimes I see some very stubborn stains which are still present even after rinsing the pan so in that case, I use baking soda. I mix it with water to create a paste and I gently scrub the stain with a sponge.

Then I rinse the pan and let it dry.

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