Should you start using lemons when cleaning your home? Ask the experts.

We have all heard of using natural ingredients that we already have in our homes when cleaning. As a matter of fact, things like baking soda, vinegar, and lemon are amazing when it comes to cleaning and they will provide you amazing results.

I decided to actually ask professional cleaning technicians whether they think that using lemons helps and has an effect. All of them agreed on one thing – lemons are excellent cleaning products.

You can start using them. Here are some examples of what to use them for.

– Scrub your grill using a lemon

Remove the grates and sprinkle some sea salt. After then, cut a lemon in half and start scrubbing back and forth using one of the parts. This is great because the salt will break burnt leftover food and the lemon will remove the grease.

– Properly clean your cutting board using a lemon

I guarantee you that you aren’t cleaning your cutting board the proper way. You need to deep clean it once a month. How can you do that?

Simply sprinkle salt all over the cutting board, cut a lemon in half, and start rubbing the board.

– Remove any smells from your fridge using a lemon

Definitely opening your fridge and getting a whiff of nasty smells is not a good thing. Of course, you can get rid of this by using a lemon. Soak a couple of cotton balls in the juice of a lemon and place them in your oven.

Please, keep in mind you need to replace them a couple of times a week.

– Clean your greasy pots and pans using a lemon

Greasy pots and pans are definitely not easy to clean, and no one likes this chore. But what if I told you that by using a lemon it won’t be as hard. Simply squeeze some lemon juice into the pot or pan, add dish soap, and start scrubbing with a damp sponge.

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