How To Easily Clean Your Stainless Steel Pans Without Scrubbing?

Let me tell you something about myself – I love cooking. I genuinely enjoy it. I also don’t mind dealing with the mess after – all the dishes, spoons, knives, etc. that need to be cleaned. I throw them in the dishwasher then I simply clean the kitchen.

But one thing I absolutely hate is cleaning my stainless steel pans. As you probably know, you can’t wash stainless steel pans in the dishwasher – you have to do it by hand. And just thinking about all that scrubbing makes me so annoyed.

But since I cook so often I had to find an easier way to clean them. I couldn’t spend so much time almost every day just scrubbing the pans, right? I tried a lot of different methods I found on the internet but none of which I found to be working as effective as described.

But I didn’t give up because it was my mission to find a way to clean my stainless steel pans without scrubbing.

Here Is What I Came Up With!

I came up with a great way to clean stainless steel pans without scrubbing them. It’s easy and not that time-consuming.

Once I remove the food from the pan I place it back on the stove and turn the heat on. I wait a few minutes and then I pour a cup of water.

Then I grab my wooden spoon (you can also use a spatula) and I start scraping the burnt food or/ and sauce. The steam of the water would have already loosened things up so it’s easier to scrape.

Once I scrape almost everything I turn the heat off and let the pan cool down completely. Then I add a few drops of liquid soap and continue to scrape any remaining grease. The soap will loosen the greasy stains.

The next step is to move the pan to the sink and rinse it. Of course, I use soapy hot water and a sponge to wash the pan properly, however, by now all the burnt food and greasy stains will be gone, therefore, the cleaning will be so easy.

If Any Stains Remain?

Sometimes I see some very stubborn stains which are still present even after rinsing the pan so in that case, I use baking soda. I mix it with water to create a paste and I gently scrub the stain with a sponge.

Then I rinse the pan and let it dry.

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5 Genious Bathroom Cleaning Hacks You Need To Try!

There are so many amazing tricks out there which will help you! Today, I wanted to tell you about the ones I use when cleaning my bathroom so that you can try them for yourself!

5 Genious Bathroom Cleaning Hacks

– Clean your showerhead with vinegar

I love this hack! All you need to do in order to clean the showerhead is a plastic bag and vinegar. Just fill the bag with vinegar, place the showerhead inside, and leave it there overnight!

In the morning, rinse it well!

– Don’t throw away old toothbrushes

One of my favourite cleaning tools is… toothbrushes. They are small and you can easily scrub hard-to-reach places with them. This is why I never throw away the ones I use. I simply soak them in boiling water so that I can disinfect them then I keep them in my bathroom to scrub fixtures, faucets, vents, etc.

– Polish stainless steel with shaving cream

How do I maintain my fixtures, showerhead, and other stainless steel objects in my bathroom sparkling? With shaving cream! It’s easy and inexpensive.

Simply apply some shaving cream on a cloth and polish any stainless steel surface!

– Clean your bathroom with aspirin

Whenever I’m out of all-purpose cleaner I usually mix two aspirin tablets in water and use that instead! Aspirin contains salicylic acid which is a great cleaning product!

– Keep a towel to dry bathroom fixtures

This hack will change your life, trust me! All you need to do in order to avoid water spots on bathroom fixtures is to wipe them with a towel once you are done showering.

That way, they will always look spotless!

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How to really disinfect laundry after being sick?

It’s extremely important to disinfect all of your laundries after being sick. It’s just as important as disinfecting your entire home or at least the rooms you were in. Getting rid of those germs will make sure that no one in your family gets sick as well!

Washing them with a laundry detergent isn’t always effective which is why you should use other things just to make sure all sheets, clothes, and towels are indeed disinfected and free of any bacteria!

White sheets, towels, clothes?

White sheets, towels, and even clothes can be disinfected with chlorine bleach. I know that you are probably scared of using such powerful chemicals, however, if you know how to use bleach it’s a great disinfectant.

If you are worried about using bleach then you can easily do a patch test. How to do that? Well, mix a tablespoon of bleach with two teaspoons of warm water, dip a cotton swab in the mixture and wipe a small part of the fabric. Wait for it to dry completely and see if there is any damage. This is the best way to know whether using bleach is going to be a safe option!

However, never use chlorine bleach on silk, wool, spandex, or any dyed fabrics since you can damage them. You also need to dilute it in water. NEVER pour chlorine bleach directly to the clothes.

Make sure you read the care labels on all items you want to disinfect before proceeding with the washing!

What about coloured sheets, towels, clothes?

Search for pine oil disinfectants. They are usually used on floors, however, they are amazing disinfectants and are safe to be used on laundry.

In order for this to be effective, it must contain 80 percent pine oil so make sure you check the percentage on the label of the product before using it.

Don’t forget to disinfect the washing machine after!

Most people don’t do this, however, it is crucial for removing the bacteria. But how can you do that? Don’t worry – it’s not that hard! You won’t need to scrub the washing machine all day.

All you need to do is add two cups of hydrogen peroxide and run your washing machine on the hottest possible cycle!

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The only DIY cleaner you need to deal with greasy stains

Dealing with greasy stains in the kitchen is definitely not a fun thing. There is a lot of scrubbing, time, and energy that go into this task but what if I told you there is a solution out there that will do everything for you? And that the ingredients of that solution are already in your kitchen? Prepare yourself to make this amazing DIY cleaner that will help you remove greasy stains a lot easier regardless of the surface – a recipe that the experts over at gave me.

You only need four ingredients

All you need is warm water, baking soda, liquid soap, and lemon essential oil.

Mix two cups of warm water, two tablespoons of baking soda, two tablespoons of liquid soap, and a couple of drops of the essential oil. I usually do about 20 drops of the lemon essential oil.

The lemon essential oil is a great ingredient that fights grease while the baking soda and the liquid soap will remove the remaining grease.

Pour everything in a spray bottle and use it whenever you need it. This solution does an amazing job in the kitchen when I need to clean those stubborn grease stains off of my stovetops. I even use it to clean my oven – we all know how dirty an oven can get. With all of the burnt food, oil, and grease residue cleaning it can get really tricky but this DIY cleaner is my savior.

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Have allergies? Here are some useful cleaning tips

Allergies are definitely extremely annoying whether you suffer from them all year-round or seasonally. Cleaning your home plays a huge part in reducing the terrible feeling of coming with allergies. You want to remove allergens while cleaning which will reduce your symptoms. You also want to live in a dust-free environment because it can also trigger severe allergic reactions.

Use the right cleaning tools

  • You need to use a vacuum and hoover your floor every other day. You should also use a mop and clean your floors quite often if they are hardwood.
  • You need microfiber cloths. They do a way better job at attracting the dust and not spreading it in the air than paper towels. They last a long time and you can easily clean them
  • You need to wear protective masks and gloves while cleaning. This will prevent dust and other impurities from getting in your mouth.
  • Choose the right cleaning products and aim for ones that do not have any scent. Also, make sure you choose cleaning products that have very little ingredients in them. Sometimes some of the used ingredients in cleaning solutions can also cause allergies.
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Should you start using lemons when cleaning your home? Ask the experts.

We have all heard of using natural ingredients that we already have in our homes when cleaning. As a matter of fact, things like baking soda, vinegar, and lemon are amazing when it comes to cleaning and they will provide you amazing results.

I decided to actually ask professional cleaning technicians whether they think that using lemons helps and has an effect. All of them agreed on one thing – lemons are excellent cleaning products.

You can start using them. Here are some examples of what to use them for.

– Scrub your grill using a lemon

Remove the grates and sprinkle some sea salt. After then, cut a lemon in half and start scrubbing back and forth using one of the parts. This is great because the salt will break burnt leftover food and the lemon will remove the grease.

– Properly clean your cutting board using a lemon

I guarantee you that you aren’t cleaning your cutting board the proper way. You need to deep clean it once a month. How can you do that?

Simply sprinkle salt all over the cutting board, cut a lemon in half, and start rubbing the board.

– Remove any smells from your fridge using a lemon

Definitely opening your fridge and getting a whiff of nasty smells is not a good thing. Of course, you can get rid of this by using a lemon. Soak a couple of cotton balls in the juice of a lemon and place them in your oven.

Please, keep in mind you need to replace them a couple of times a week.

– Clean your greasy pots and pans using a lemon

Greasy pots and pans are definitely not easy to clean, and no one likes this chore. But what if I told you that by using a lemon it won’t be as hard. Simply squeeze some lemon juice into the pot or pan, add dish soap, and start scrubbing with a damp sponge.

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How to easily clean stove burners?

Stove burners are prone to get dirty extremely fast. Anything you cook there will probably spill which will quickly turn into a stain and build-up because of the high temperature. Doesn’t it seem like a lot of hard work to clean them? Actually, I found a very easy way that you can use that works amazing.

Want to try it out?

Don’t waste your time scrubbing all of that build-up because there is a far easier method. And not only won’t you scrub but all you need are two ingredients – ziplock bags and ammonia.

Here is how the cleaning happens – pour some ammonia in the ziplock bag and put one of the stove parts in there. They are removable which makes them easier to clean. Seal the ziplock and continue doing the same process for every other removable part of your stove.

It’s important to leave them in ammonia overnight so they can really soak.

The next day make sure you take them out of the ziplock and scrub them with a sponge that has soapy water on it.

And just like that you now have clean and spotless stove burners without actually having to do a lot of work and waste time.

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Tips on how to declutter your home

Decluttering doesn’t have to be as hard as people think it is. It can be quite a fun process that is filled with memories. Are you ready?

Since people don’t really know how to declutter, how many things they should throw away or they are constantly asking themselves one thing “What if I need this?”. Guess what, if you haven’t needed in the past year – you probably won’t need it at all. You need to throw useless things so that you have more room for new items. Decluttering is a great way to start decorating your home in a different way and change some things.
– Make a plan

No matter what you start doing – you need a plan, right? Decluttering is no different. You need to plan where to start, which room needs to be focused on more, etc.

– You can try out the ‘‘Three Boxes and A Bag’’ method

This method is very popular and has helped many organize their decluttering. You need three boxes – one is for things you will keep, another is for boxes you will give away, the third one is for relocation, and the trash bag, of course, is for things you will throw away.

– Look in shelves, cabinets, drawers

Decluttering does not mean to only get rid of the things you see – you should look in all of your shelves, drawers, cabinets, etc. and make sure everything inside them is decluttered as well. A lot of your trash is actually hiding in there – you keep putting things in there thinking that one day they will be useful and you will need them, and you never do, so they just stay in the cabinet for the longest time. In the end, you even forget that you own such a thing.

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How to easily clean your stainless steel

Follow these DIY steps to clean your stainless steel: the easy and proper way. They are provided by


Club soda, rubbing alcohol and olive oil

This is a miracle when it comes to cleaning. It seems that it works for almost everything.

You can also mix some rubbing alcohol with some water (1 part rubbing alcohol to 4 parts water).

Another thing you can use is olive oil.

These three ingredients will be your best friend when it comes to cleaning stainless steel.

So how can you get rid of fingerprints and streaks

Grab the olive oil, drip some on a cloth and rub down the surface with stainless steel.

How can you remove spots and stains

Grab a dampened sponge, add some baking soda on it and start rubbing the stainless steel. This will remove the stains.

For those of you trying to remove a rust stain – use vinegar.

How to prevent spots on the stainless steel

For example – watermarks are super annoying. If you keep getting them to get a dry cloth and wipe.

How can you get rid of scratches

Get steel wool and buff the affected area with it (can be found in hardware stores). Make sure you rub the same direction as the grain which will smooth the scratch.

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How to make cleaning fun in order to involve the children into the task

CleaningThe cleaning duties in a household aren’t exclusive only to the adults that live in the household. In fact everybody that lives in a household must play its part into the maintenance of the property. So if you are children are big enough to play video games, they are big enough to help you with the cleaning of your home. However don’t expect that your children will be ecstatic about the prospect that they leave their toys and video games for a couple of hours and do things like wiping dust and running the vacuum. This is why you must make the cleaning as fun as possible for your children. 

The first thing that you must do is to put together a personalized cleaning kit for your children. Make one kit for each of your children. Children like having their own things and more importantly like having things that grownups have as well. By giving to your children their own cleaning kits you will make them feel as if they are equal to you.

Next convert your household cleaning into a race. Tell your children that you will be chasing dust bunnies and that the person who will get the more bunnies will get a reward at the end. Children love races and more importantly love rewards. So by making the cleaning a competition you will ensure your children’s total involvement into the cleaning of your home.

To make things even more pleasant put together a playlist with songs that your children like and run it while you are cleaning. Music makes everything more pleasant and more enjoyable and will most certainly affect the enthusiasm of your children.

Every now and then turn attention to your children and ask them if they need help. If they decline your help don’t insist on giving it. Instead allow your children to deal with their conundrums on their own. This will show you that you trust them. Also don’t forget to compliment your children when they are done cleaning something.

Last once the household cleaning is over, stand up to your word and reward everybody with some nice treats such as chocolate, candy, cake, pie and so on. Even more – reward yourself because you will deserve it as well, despite the fact that you will most likely end last in the dust bunny chasing race.

Keep in mind that once you involve your children into the cleaning routines of your home you will must involve them with everybody decision that is made on the matter. So when the time comes to hire a cleaning company for the cleaning of your home, choose the company with the aid of your children we bet they would love Carpet Cleaning Bromley. Also if your children wish it, you can allow them to stay and watch how the professional cleaners provide you high quality cleaning services.

Now that you know how you can involve your children into the cleaning of your home don’t wait a minute longer to pass them their personal cleaning kits. You will be amazed how quickly and how much more pleasant the cleaning of your home will be when you children are involve in the task.


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