How to easily clean your stainless steel

Follow these DIY steps to clean your stainless steel: the easy and proper way. They are provided by


Club soda, rubbing alcohol and olive oil

This is a miracle when it comes to cleaning. It seems that it works for almost everything.

You can also mix some rubbing alcohol with some water (1 part rubbing alcohol to 4 parts water).

Another thing you can use is olive oil.

These three ingredients will be your best friend when it comes to cleaning stainless steel.

So how can you get rid of fingerprints and streaks

Grab the olive oil, drip some on a cloth and rub down the surface with stainless steel.

How can you remove spots and stains

Grab a dampened sponge, add some baking soda on it and start rubbing the stainless steel. This will remove the stains.

For those of you trying to remove a rust stain – use vinegar.

How to prevent spots on the stainless steel

For example – watermarks are super annoying. If you keep getting them to get a dry cloth and wipe.

How can you get rid of scratches

Get steel wool and buff the affected area with it (can be found in hardware stores). Make sure you rub the same direction as the grain which will smooth the scratch.

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