Tips on how to declutter your home

Decluttering doesn’t have to be as hard as people think it is. It can be quite a fun process that is filled with memories. Are you ready?

Since people don’t really know how to declutter, how many things they should throw away or they are constantly asking themselves one thing “What if I need this?”. Guess what, if you haven’t needed in the past year – you probably won’t need it at all. You need to throw useless things so that you have more room for new items. Decluttering is a great way to start decorating your home in a different way and change some things.
– Make a plan

No matter what you start doing – you need a plan, right? Decluttering is no different. You need to plan where to start, which room needs to be focused on more, etc.

– You can try out the ‘‘Three Boxes and A Bag’’ method

This method is very popular and has helped many organize their decluttering. You need three boxes – one is for things you will keep, another is for boxes you will give away, the third one is for relocation, and the trash bag, of course, is for things you will throw away.

– Look in shelves, cabinets, drawers

Decluttering does not mean to only get rid of the things you see – you should look in all of your shelves, drawers, cabinets, etc. and make sure everything inside them is decluttered as well. A lot of your trash is actually hiding in there – you keep putting things in there thinking that one day they will be useful and you will need them, and you never do, so they just stay in the cabinet for the longest time. In the end, you even forget that you own such a thing.

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